Our Story

Founded in the year 2015 by Sangeeta Prabhakar Sharma and Mr. Prabhakar Sharma, Sharma Ji Ka Atta ( MOHKANT VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED ) gives you freshly milled atta of your own choice. We started it to provide a solution to people who are looking for lower adulteration, healthier versions, and even lesser chemical content in their daily food routine. The soils of the farms where the cultivation of these staples happen haven’t been messed up and tempered with harsh chemicals and fertilizers. We take pride in the fact that we don’t let contamination and compromises come in the way of the purest harvests. 

Starting from a small township in Pune, today we serve customers all across Pune. Our vision turned into our passion to provide services to the residents of the township due to no flour mill being present nearby. Our range of atta’s is freshly milled with each batch of super nutritious grains. We consciously opt for grains that you can customize as per your needs without compromising on quality. We ensure that what reaches your plate doesn’t harm your palette.

What can we do for you ?

From the farm to the plate, we provide an array of different aata options to choose from. Milled in the naturally grown and non-tampered farms, your palatable dining experience becomes our responsibility and we complete it wholeheartedly.

Grinding every granule with care and love is our core pillar and our pride. With pristine ingredients, clean chakki’s, and freshly milled each batch of nutritious grains, our flours are a package of minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

We have a no adulteration policy and the chemical content in our food is also monitored regularly. We keep a check on our milling speed as well. We don’t mess with your aata’s. We serve the flour fresh directly to your doorsteps packaged in a minimalist way so that nothing compromises the value or quality.

We ensure recyclable vacuum-sealed packaging to ensure that the ingredients and flour remain safe till they reach you. We take a minimalist approach with our packaging, fresh produce, sustainable foodgrains, nuts and mill them meticulously.

Hour Of Operation
Monday: 10-7PM
Tuesday: 10-7PM
Wednesday: 10-7PM
Thursday: 10-7PM
Friday: 10-7PM
Saturday: 10-7PM
Sunday: 10-7PM

Our Team

Sangeeta Prabhakar

Sangeeta Prabhakar


Prabhakar Sharma

Prabhakar Sharma


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