Mara – is a Sanskrit word meaning “death”, and a – “not, without”. So it turns out that AMARANTH literally means denying death, or rather, granting immortality Amaranth has been cultivated as a grain for 8,000 years. Amaranth seeds are a well-known grain that has many nutritious benefits and is also used in ayurvedic medicine for treating many disorders.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, since Amaranth is lighter and dryer than wheat or corn, it is an ideal grain for Kapha dosha. Amaranth tastes somewhat like corn but is somewhat less -sweet. It dries up excess mucus and Kapha dampness, which benefits the lungs and respiratory system. Amaranth contains 30% more protein than rice and four times as much calcium as wheat. It is recommended for people with anemia because it is high in iron (blood-building). It is also high in manganese and magnesium (a muscle relaxer).


  1. Amaranth seeds are known for benefits like cholesterol-lowering properties and an increase in the number of red blood cells, which helps in the prevention of anemia. Several studies have shown that amaranth seed or oil may be of benefit to those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease; regular consumption reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels while improving antioxidant status and some immune parameters.
  2. Amaranth is also known for the protein content present in it when compared to any other grain. It not only has a very high content of proteins but also has different types of amino acids like lysine and methionine which are very rarely found in grains.
  3. This seed also does not contain gluten and is an excellent option for people who need a gluten-free diet like for those individuals suffering from autism and even irritable bowel syndrome.
  4. Amaranth seeds are said to have two times more calcium when compared to milk. Even a quarter cup of these seeds contains nearly 60% of the required iron for the body. it is recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers too.
  5. Recent research has also stated that these seeds have tocotrienols, which is a form of vitamin E that has cholesterol-lowering properties in humans.
Khapli Wheat – Unlock The Power Of Food

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